Aesthetic medicine

Today’s aesthetic medicine must look beyond surgery to respond to increasingly diversified individual needs and the growing demand for non-invasive treatments.


BEAUTY 09 technologies are the simplest and safest solution to meet these needs: certified and constantly updated, they are effective, easy to use and economical thanks to rental and redemption opportunities.


Technological evolution has reached such a pace as to make it almost impossible to keep up with an equally rapid turnover of machinery: BEAUTY 09 rental allows you to take advantage of a constantly updated “machine fleet” and to offer your patients services that are always at the highest level of sector, without having to face the burdens of a purchase, without fixed costs, without maintenance costs, without time constraints and with the certainty of qualified and constant technical assistance.


Daily, weekly or monthly rental

With rental it is possible to offer your patients technological solutions without the burden of purchasing machinery.

Depending on the method chosen, the rental can have different durations, for example one day or more per month, a week or all 30 days with the possibility of monthly renewal.

  • Daily (one or more days)
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Operating
  • With the possibility of redemption

Beauty 09 is not limited to the simple rental of equipment, but offers a real work system, technical updates that can be used free of charge at any time, advertising and promotional tools, materials for use and assistance also extended to patients.

Promotional material

Everything the doctor needs to communicate the benefits and conditions of treatments to patients as completely as possible. Beauty09 can provide promotional materials such as brochures, totems and invitation cards, customer cards and anything else necessary.

Online advertising

Not just materials, Beauty 09 also spreads information on the web with dedicated content and social campaigns to promote rental days.