For the creation of the line of products to be added to the PRESSO SLIM machinery, BEAUTY09 has established a collaborative relationship with a highly professional technical staff, which makes use of equipped latest generation laboratories for research/development and microbiological control, this has allowed the creation of extremely functional natural-based cosmetics rich in active ingredients, they have been studied and formulated specifically to work in synergy with Presso-massage treatments to maximize results while fully respecting the skin’s physiology.

This line of cosmetics was designed to treat body imperfections in a highly professional way and formulated to minimize the risks of skin irritation and sensitization.

To this end, the products are subjected to the Challenger Test in the formulation phase, a procedure by which it is intended to evaluate the minimum percentage of preservatives capable of preserving the product and minimizing adverse reactions and at the same time freeing up space for the active ingredient.

The entire range of products is free from allergens from perfumes, potentially allergenic substances whose declaration on the label is required by the Ministry of Health.

  • The batches are microbiologically tested
  • The products are parabens free
  • The bases are dermatologically tested
  • The products are Nickel tested