The PRESSO SLIM working system makes use of latest generation Pressotherapy, 100% Italian, which manages to simulate manual massage by optimizing it, leaving the operator free.

The machine is equipped with:

  • 8-sector kit (stomach-legs-feet) with side pockets, highly resistant washable nylon / PVC container
  • 4.5″ touch screen display
  • 9 pre-set/customizable work programs
  • 10 adjustable pressure levels
  • Possibility of excluding sectors

Treatments with the machine are able to promote lymphatic drainage, i.e. the transport of fluids within the body, normalizing the venous circulation while exerting a compressive movement on the legs and abdomen, effectively reproducing the flow of circulation like a pleasant massage. and relaxing but with visible results from the first session.

Effective for treating cellulite and related blemishes, which affect the majority of women, it is also valuable for alleviating problems associated with swollen and sore legs and ankles or discomfort resulting from venous insufficiency.