The Synergy 3.0 machine uses three technologies that determine three effects that work in synergy.

Thermal Infrared: with a specific wavelength ranging from 7000nm to 14,000nm. The infrared rays generated by the machinery, Far Infrared Rays (Far Infrared and commonly known as the “Light of Life”), penetrate the tissues, activate cellular metabolism and reactivate all the biorhythms of the organism including the basal metabolism. Furthermore, they increase both arterial and lymphatic microcirculation, thus promoting the supply of nutrients and tissue detoxification, promoting the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres.

Transdermal: generates elasto-pulsed waves appropriately modulated by a microprocessor, which have the property of increasing the intracellular spaces, thus managing to convey the active ingredients in depth, amplifying their effectiveness: the skin, in fact, on the one hand protects the organism from aggression external, from above it inhibits the absorption of the products.

LED light: generates lights with specific frequencies and colours, blue for the face with a regenerating action and red for the body with a stimulating action for the superficial microcirculation, through the respective handpieces, it allows you to act in a limited and precise manner on each specific blemish.